2018-2019 MODEL

GT Tomoki Takaku Pro Model


Enjoy its unparalleled smooth feeling in concave terrains. The zero-gravity feel at the top turn and the smooth gliding feel at the end of the turns are the privilege of the flat camber system.

GT's flat bottom is shorter than the TT model in length and the tail-kick, warping from the back-foot, combined with the small round tail provides an extremely smooth tail release. Its shape, emphasizing on a strong buoyancy in deep snow while keeping an easy control performance, are characterized by its deep sidecut and the wide nose.

GT Tomoki Takaku Pro Model
1680 mm
Running Length
934 mm
1219 mm
Nose Width
298 mm
Waist Width
256 mm
Tail Width
274 mm
Sidecut R.
12000 mm
-30.5 mm
12 mm
Sidecut Dep.
21 mm
0 mm
Stance Width
480-560 mm
¥145,000(w/o tax)
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When riding in powder on traditional cambered boards, the nose drags snow due to its own camber system and eventually would sink into snow. To prevent it from nosediving, the rider is forced to lean back and turn only with the tail. This phenomena also happen in three dimensional terrain. Like when making a non-gravity turn at the top of a wall, the traditional camber turns convex “against” the terrain, forcing the edge and the rail to go in a different direction than the targeted line. Once again, the rider is forced to lean back or turn using the edge, restricting the freedom of riding.

This restriction is silly to have on boards for complex terrain. This camber system came from the skiing know-how. We’ve adopted it and refined it to match our flat camber system in order to allow freer maneuverability in complex three-dimensional terrain. The weightless sensation when making a top-turn, and resistance-free riding, especially late in a turn, are the distinct characteristics of our flat camber system.